Welcome to M/s. Knit Sew Combination

WHO WE ARE? We’re ‘Clothing Exporter & Buying House’ in Bangladesh. We export Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Clothing. Additionally we export Fabrics, Leftovers, Garment’s Stocks and Cancelled Shipments.

WHAT DO WE DO? We are incorporated with several numbers of Warp knitting, composite Circular knitting, Flat knitting and woven Factories, and as well as dyeing, sewing, printing and embroidering factories. Factories are committed to producing the quality product.

WHAT IS THE BETTER COMPLIANCE? Factories follow the code of conduct, world environmental norms, effluent treatment facilities, employees health and safety measures,  labor laws, child worker laws, Oeko-tex standards and social commitments.

HOW CAN WE REDUCE THE PRICE? At the point of Competitive Market, we’re grouping the most effective quality raw-materials and accessories. Our sources provide the best competitive costs. As result we can ensure the most effective competitive worth.

Men's Clothing

Men’s Polo Shirt, T-shirt, Fine Shirt, Sportswear, Nightwear, Inner-Wear, Tank-Top, Know More

Women's Clothing

Women’s Polo Shirt, T-shirt, Sportswear, Nightwear, Inner Wear, Tank-Top, Know More

Children's Clothing

Children’s Polo Shirt,T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Sportswear, Underwear, Tank-Top, Know More

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